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Publication in France:
15 September 2016

320 pages

Do you really know what's on your plate?

Isabelle BROKMAN

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A glass of milk, a piece of bread, an egg, an apple... These basic foodstuffs feature prominently in our daily lives and we consider them to be synonymous with healthy eating, and yet there is nothing natural about them at all any more. Agricultural methods have undergone a transformation over the last 50 years, meeting the challenge of feeding the population by offering people an abundance of choice at low prices. The small farms of the 1950s have disappeared and long since given way to a fully industrialised system.

This book sets out to reconstruct the chain of production from A to Z of 10 basic foodstuffs within the agricultural production system, from the genetic selection process in the research laboratories all the way to our plates. What are we really eating? What is the starting point of our tomatoes, eggs, meat, apples and wheat, how are they brought to maturity and how are they stored before they appear on our supermarket shelves? What are the procedures, chemical substances and drugs which feature in this process?
Isabelle Brokman is a journalist and television programme maker who specialises in food and health issues. Robert Barouki is a biochemist and toxicologist.
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Dr. Barouki : LâXLIOX;XLIOX;enquête à lâXLIOX;XLIOX;origine du livre "Savez-vous vraiment ce que vous mangez ?"

Dr. Barouki : La science est-elle en retard par rapport à lâXLIOX;XLIOX;industrie alimentaire ?

Dr. Barouki : Comment agir contre la mauvaise alimentation ?

Dr. Barouki : « Il faut revoir notre mode de vie. »

Dr. Barouki : Comment (mieux) nourrir une population qui augmente sans cesse ?

Dr. Barouki : Les risques présents dans notre alimentation