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Publication in France:
04 May 2016

160 pages

Road 40


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What links a sheriff posted to the Mojave Desert, a hippy who is hitch-hiking her away along the highways of California, a suicidal musician secluded away in a little Alpine resort and an elderly tourist in Paris who wants to revisit her past? The answer is Japan, their country of birth or origin and the eternal inspiration of Romain Slocombe...

At times dark and violent, at times tragi-comic, and often cynical, these short stories share a striking originality and perceptiveness, their succinctness serving as a further illustration of the well-known storytelling talents of Romain Slocombe.

Writer, photographer, film-maker, painter, illustrator, author and translator, Romain Slocombe is the author of some twenty novels, including Monsieur le Commandant (NiL, 2011), which has been translated into five languages.
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