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Publication in France:
13 October 2016

288 pages

Watch the Trader Fall


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751 million euros went up in smoke in less than a week - the ultimate front office nightmare. It was a Black Friday on which an overly impulsive trader provoked the extraordinary collapse of a major French bank, but it was only the beginning of his own fall from grace, for the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the stock market crash and what was to become one of the biggest trading losses of all time were far from being the end of the matter. On the contrary, this was when the story, and reality itself, veered into completely uncharted waters.

Individual destinies and the fate of the global economy mirrored each other in this unprecedented free-for-all and descent into hell: individuals were implacably processed through the judicial system, while the global markets went into a tailspin. In this chronicle of a débâcle foretold, which is a blend of fictionalised autobiography and moral fable, Boris Picano-Nacci depicts the death throes of an insane world while at the same time engaging in candid, unfiltered introspection, which is moving in its honesty.

The global economy is spinning out of control, the banking system is overheating, love affairs are falling apart even as old friendships are being rekindled, and all of this is happening very fast and very dynamically, rather as if it were all a financial algorithm processing greed and misery, and courage and vanity. This is highly-strung writing, a sort of anti-Wolf of Wall Street which brings to the fore how life and the workings of the financial markets paradoxically echo each other...

Boris Picano-Nacci was ordered by the courts to pay damages equal to the amount he had lost for his bank. These days, he teaches mathematics at an engineering college and at a university in Paris. This account is his first book.
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"Un témoignage honnête et sans fard, sans goût de revanche ni victimisation"Les Echos 14/10/2016

Récit (6 pages)Marianne 14/10/2016

" Boris Picano-Nacci y dépeint, à grand renfort de métaphores sportives et sous la forme d'une autofiction, les huit années les plus compliquées de sa vie."Néon 01/10/2016

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" C'est froid, brutal et imprévisible. Mais vrai. "
Elle.fr [INTERNET] 20/10/2016