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Publication in France:
19 March 2015

472 pages

Little Korrig

Daniel CARIO

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Korrig lives on an isolated farm in the middle of Faouët Forest. She was raised by her mother who accepted her difference - her small size.

After her mother's death, Korrig learned to be fiercely independent and how to fend for herself. Then one awful day, four hunters pass by her farm and rape her. Korrig falls pregnant and gives birth to twin boys.

But she is already so ashamed of giving birth to one child who is the offspring of a rape, she doesn't dare reveal to the world that she has in fact two such children. And so she makes her community believe she only has one son, making the boys alternate their public appearances.

Over the years, as the boys grow and learn the dark truth, they vow to protect their mother's secret, no matter what. And they seek to avenge the abuse she was subjected to.
Daniel Cario was a literature professor. He has published several novels with Presses de la Cité, may of which take place in Brittany.

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"Beaucoup d'émotion dans ce roman de terroir d'une grande générosité.
A lire, à faire lire, à offrir..."
Ecoles juives.fr [INTERNET] 18/03/2015