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Publication in France:
06 January 2005

192 pages

Ours toujours


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In a blend of storytelling and satire, Xavier Hanotte analyses human society by transposing it into the world of bears. There are strange goings-on in the park where the Brown Bears live: Anatolius, the philosopher bear, Adalbert, the uptight bear, and Onesimus, the romantic bear, fight without any great conviction to defend the image of their species. Their main target is enemy number one, the fable writer La Fontaine. When, that is, they aren't too busy organising shows to attract tourists to Bear Land...

Rights sold:

Italy to Piemme Edizioni


Xavier Hanotte was born in 1960 in Belgium. He lives in Brussels where he works in computing. His novel De secrètes injustices (Belfond, 1998) won the Alain Fournier and Gironde 1998 prizes. He has also translated some of the greatest contemporary Flemish novelists (Retour en Atlantide by Hubert Lampo).

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