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Publication in France:
15 September 2005

336 pages

Mes nuits ne sont pas les vôtres

Dominique MARNY

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What is the dark secret lurking in the depths of the Château de La Licorne Isabelle Beaumont, nicknamed Belle, visits the enigmatic Jean every Saturday to honour a promise. She becomes increasingly drawn in by the man, who hides his disfigured face behind a plastic mask. What is the story behind the mask? And why does he only show himself in the early hours of the evening? What is the secret of the cellar of the castle?
As the weeks go by, the initial horror he inspires in her is gradually replaced by a growing fascination. Belle realises she is becoming increasingly attached to their weekly meetings. However, the spell is broken when she unwittingly betrays her host's trust, and before she can reforge the bond with this man who fills her with feelings of both fear and love, Belle must overcome many challenges...


Author of numerous works - novels, documents, essays and albums, Dominique Marny has published more than twenty works. After India, Morroco and Egypt, she has decided to visit The Beauty and the Beast, a fairy tale everyone knows and a masterpiece in Jean Cocteau's Work. Most recently, she has published Jouez coeur et Gagnez (Presses de la Cité, 2006)

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