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Publication in France:
22 September 2016

400 pages

Madcap Historical Theories

Philippe DELORME

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Man has never walked on the moon. The Apollo missions were a fraudulent fiction and the fake images were filmed in NASA's studios. Close examination of the published photos proves the fact!
Hitler in Antarctica: when Berlin fell, Hitler managed to escape to Antarctica in a submarine and founded a new Reich there in a location which has yet to be discovered.
Joan of Arc was a man. She succeeded in fooling those around her, but, fortunately for us, more astute historians have seen through the schemes of the Maid of Orleans and transformed her in their wisdom into the Chaste Bachelor of Orleans.

These are just three of the claims which are passionately espoused by hundreds, and even thousands, of individuals. Les théories folles de l'Histoire leads us into a very strange parallel world where everything is upside down due to a misunderstanding as to what freedom of thought really means. By turns gobsmacking and hilarious, this book is often disturbing too - it is remarkable to what extent the power of these 'thinkers' to cause trouble is inversely proportional to the credibility of their arguments.

The topics covered include creationism, the Gospel according to John Smith, the magic numbers of the Great Pyramid, the Illuminati, Atlantis, the cloning of Christ, the time-travelling camera, the end of the world according to the Maya, crystal skulls and much else besides
Philippe Delorme is a journalist, historian and international reporter. He has published some thirty history books.
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