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Publication in France:
07 January 2016

336 pages

The Ones who Escaped


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Daniel Bilalian's decision to recount the adventures of French prisoners who escaped between 1940 and 1945 was inspired by the fact that his father was one of those prisoners. This familiarity with his subject matter enabled him to meet the men would become the heroes of his book whilst they were still alive.

They recounted to him the colourful stories associated with their escapes: the man who spent twelve hours hanging onto the braking system of a train, the group who locked themselves into a wine tanker for nine days with wine dregs up to their knees, the men who turned themselves into rock climbers having never been near a rock face in their lives, the man who managed to pass himself off as an Alsatian tourist, those who returned voluntarily to their Stalag after several months on the run in order to organise a sabotage network...
Daniel Bilalian is a journalist, author and television presenter. Several of his works have been published by Presses de la Cité, including Les Evadés, Le Camp de la Goutte d'Eau, Prisons, la vérité and Si vous voulez devenir Président.
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