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Publication in France:
25 August 2016

128 pages

The Bodies of Lola


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Lola is a woman like any other, but what does it mean to be a woman like any other?
To look at Lola, who would guess that an ardent fire is smouldering deep within her?
Lola is so gentle and understanding, and yet there is an ancestral rage in her which is welling up to the surface.

She is one person, but also two: red and blue.
Two Lolas contained within a single body.

Who is she really? The woman who allows herself to be blindfolded or the woman who likes to sleep in cotton sheets? Where is the woman who brings the two halves together?
Julie Gouazé was born in 1977 in Lyon. She currently lives in Paris. Following on from Louise (Léo Scheer, 2014), Les Corps de Lola is her second novel.
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