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Publication in France:
19 January 2006

336 pages

The Skies of the Bay of Audierne


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Mélodie lives with her parents and her younger brother in Brittany. One day their peace is shattered when the police arrest her father for paedophilia. Though the accusations against him are sketchy at best, he is thrown in jail. From that day on, the rest of the family loses everything, including their house. Mélodie's mother has to take a night job in order to support her family, and Mélodie changes schools and slowly spirals into delinquency.
How will Mélodie be able to grow up under these circumstances and will she ever be able to forgive her father for having abandoned her when she needed him most?


Hervé Jaouen was born in Quimper, Brittany. He is the author of more than forty titles, some of which have been adapted for television. His last novels published by Presses de la Cité have been best-sellers and Que ma terre demeure was awarded the Prix Bretagne 2002.

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