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Publication in France:
06 November 2014

360 pages

The Paths of Kathmandu


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May 1968. Olivier, a young student, decides to escape his dreams and ideals in search of power, fortune and his father, a businessman who organizes trips for billionaires to Kathmandu in Nepal.

He meets Jane there, a British hippy, a lost-soul who takes drugs in search of an ideal communitarian lifestyle in the sacred city. Although they fall in love, they are separated by their personal quests...

Love, drugs, lost illusions. There are paths to lose oneself, and those to find oneself: the paths of Kathmandu.

Rights sold:
Spain (Ediciones B), Bulgaria (Black Flamingo)

René Barjavel (1911-1985) is one of France's most significant science fiction authors of all time. New editions of his most well-known classics La Nuit des temps and Le grand secret have recently been published by Presses de la Cité.
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