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Publication in France:
10 March 2016

320 pages

Bacteria are Your Allies

Anne-Marie CASSARD

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This book, written by two specialists in digestive bacteria, overturns our negative image of bacteria. Some bacteria do make us ill, but those which we live with every day contribute hugely to our good health, right from the moment of birth.

Prof Perlemuter and Dr Anne-Marie Cassard invite us to:
* understand how the concept of bacteria has changed
* learn how we live in symbiosis with our bacteria
* appreciate how, from our birth, our bacteria control us and our health
* learn about the interactions between our bacteria and the rest of the organism
* realise that improving our daily physical and mental health involves taking care of our bacteria by adapting our diets.

Gabriel Perlemuter is the author of numerous scientific and educational publications and regularly gives national and international lectures on the role which our digestive bacteria and microbiota play in our well-being.

Anne-Marie Cassard is the author of numerous national and international scientific publications. She has directed numerous research projects and also gives regular scientific lectures on the role which digestive bacteria play in our well-being.
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