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Publication in France:
13 August 2015

272 pages

Misfortune Will be Your Fortune


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There he stands. In front of one of the gravestones in Division 74 of Père-Lachaise. He is reading the name of the person who loved him so deeply and whom he loved too, beyond all rational measure. She has been gone for exactly a year and he has been holding his breath for all that time, watching intently for the sign which she had promised him on her deathbed. A whole year, and yet time has done nothing to temper the sadness of this grief-stricken man. Then, one day, there is a stirring. A recurring noise in the vicinity of the grave. Augustin feels like he is being watched, being followed.

How can the wider world remain indifferent, even as Augustin's world is sinking beneath its ruins? Is he at some point allowed to reconnect these two worlds? Might it be that his friends can provide that precious bridge, seeking through the sheer strength of their love, shored up by humour, to make him understand that the memories and the nostalgia to which he clings so strongly are not the only refuge?
Born in 1972 in Senegal, Renaud Santa Maria is a journalist and writer. Following on from La mort est une nuit sans lune (Stéphane Million, 2012), Le malheur sera ta chance is his second novel.
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Un roman personnel et tendre. (...) Un style élégant et une jolie plume transforment ce passage obligé de la vie en beau voyage littéraire, avec de touchantes escales poétiques.Jérôme Carron, Point de vue 02/09/2015

Renaud Santa Maria présente XLIOX;Le malheur sera ta chanceXLIOX;