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Publication in France:
14 November 2013

370 pages

The Black Book of Collaboration

Philippe VALODE

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Who collaborated with the Germans? Powerful men or nobodies who often served as informants? Only 2% of the French population was actively involved in the Resistance and 6% volunteered as fanatic collaborators. What did everyone else do? The reality is complicated and still somewhat taboo.

The state collaboration orchestrated by the Vichy regime and the collaboration of small groups of fascists operated independently. However, the facts speak volumes: the collaboration in France was
a massive force.

What were the individual and collective responsibilities during these four dark years? The answer is at the heart of this ambitious work that accurately recounts this period of history.


Philippe Valode is an historian and author of over 50 works. As an expert on French history, he has carried out much research about this time period and published a noteworthy biography on the subject
Les hommes de Pétain (2011) as well as Le livre noir de l'Histoire de France (Acropole, 2009).

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"Une biographie très complète."
Critiques Libres [INTERNET] 12/01/2014