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Publication in France:
19 March 2015

624 pages

The Paths of souls


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Richard Neville is a French cop like no other. By touching the hand of a murder victim, he manages to put together the pieces of their last moments alive in order to identify their murderer. This gift is why he is often called upon to help with murder investigations around the world.

This time he is on a case in NY accompanied by his wife Clara who murdered in Central Park, in the light of day. Richard, a cop with some an amazing power, couldn't even protect his own wife, the love of his life and mother of his children.

But on the night of her murder, strange things start to happen: Richard starts to believe that Clara is trying to communicate with him from the beyond. But then a strange woman enters his life to offer him an incredible deal...

Richard will have the chance to go back in time a few moments before his wife's murder so that he can save her, in exchange for his unwavering obedience...
Laurent Scalèse is a scenarist and the author of seven novels. After devoting several years to a career on TV and especially his TV series Chérif, he is now back in the bookstores with a new novel, to the delight of his readers.
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Diablement rythmé, le roman joue avec son lecteur. Suspens, surprises, on a beau s'attendre à tout, Laurent Scalese arrive toujours à nous emmener là ou on ne s'attend pas. Et ce, du début à la fin...La semaine de l'île de France 14/04/2015

Un thriller bouleversant !Ici Paris 22/04/2015

La voie des âmes est une belle surprise, Laurent Scalese emporte notre âme de lecteur dans sa nouvelle voie.Plume Libre 19/03/2015