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Publication in France:
01 October 2015

448 pages

The Lady of Stone

Xavier-Marie BONNOT

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Pierre and Claire are siblings and the only surviving members of the Verdier family. He has taken over the family farm at the foot of the mountain. She lives in Paris. He knows nothing, or next to nothing, about his sister's life. Just that she pays him a visit twice a year without fail at the family home, where everything has remained unchanged.

But this time, things are different. Claire is having nightmares. Every night, her fears for a certain Vicky emerge, and she claims that she herself will soon be dead. For Pierre, a man of the land, his sister's secrets and neuroses are simple weaknesses of character.
One winter's morning, however, Claire leaves and never returns... When they find her lifeless body, clad in strange clothes, Pierre finds himself accused of the crime.

Pierre is now all alone. Could this taciturn man, who has been living as a recluse since the drama put an end to his career as a mountaineer, have committed the unthinkable? Because secrets and mysteries are certainly legion in the Verdier family. And who is this Vicky, whose existence nobody in Claire's circle seems to have the slightest knowledge of? Only late in the day will Pierre realise that she was his sister's most closely guarded secret...
A writer and maker of documentary films, Xavier Marie-Bonnot has published several novels, including Le Pays oubliéand Premier homme (Actes Sud, 2011, 2014), which have been translated into English, Russian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Romanian and Italian. La Dame de pierre is his seventh novel.

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