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Publication in France:
04 September 2014

368 pages

The Rock Odyssey


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On July 6,1954, the young Elvis Presley recorded That's All Right Mama in the Sun studios. That session is considered today as the founding date of rock 'n' roll, duly celebrated around the world fifty years later. From that day on, it all happened very quickly. The mixture of rythm'n blues and country music at the origin of rock was to see its first big successes that year: Rock Around The Clock, by Bill Haley (first described as a Fox-Trot !), soon followed in 1955 by Chuck Berry's Maybelline and Little Richard's Tutti Frutti (A-wop-babaloobam-bawoop-bam-boom!). Year after year, this sensational book shows the photos, the record sleeves, the concert posters and the story of the memorable artists and groups. We find the Beatles in ?63 with their first N°1 hit, From Me To You; or in ?67 with Sergeant Pepper; the Sex Pistols and the punks in ?77, Nirvana in ?92, Korn, Radio Head and White Stripes today, etc. We also revisit those amazingly eventful and creative years, like1970, marked by the Beatles' break-up, the beginnings of British hard-rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath...), the Who's live show at Leeds, the deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin... More than 300 pages of erudition, rare record sleeves, the annals of the major recordings: all you ever wanted to know and still have to discover about pure, hard rock ('n' roll), still just as dynamic fifty years later!


Florent Mazzoleni, aged 35, has published several books with Music Book. He is a journalist for the prestigious English magazine Mojo, for the Inrockuptibles and Rock et Folk. Gilles Verlant hosts the radio show L'Odyssée du Rock on Oui-Fm. Director of the music collection, he has published or directed lots of books on rock and French song.

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