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Publication in France:
08 November 2012

184 pages

The Great Encyclopaedia of Elves


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A reference book and a corpus of knowledge. From their genealogy to their languages, not forgetting their various different customs or their deep sense of spirituality, you will know all there is to know about this majestic people who inhabit the universe of Tolkien. Edouard Klozcko presents a comprehensive portrait of the elves of the Middle-earth, as Tolkien imagined them. Every facet of the elves' existence is treated, analysed and described in detail: the origin of the elf people, the names and history of different clans, elf culture - how they give names, marry, how quickly they grow, how much sleep they need, how they pray, what they eat, how they play... You will also learn to speak the elves' language thanks to the glossary and the grammar section, how to cook and think like a High Elf: no aspect of this huge fantasy world has been overlooked.


Sandrine Gestin, Thierry Cardinet, Ted Nasmith are the main illustrators of this album-spell-book printed on beautiful parchment paper. Academic and translator, Edouard Kloczko is a renowned specialist of Tolkien's work. His research, over the past twenty years, has focused essentially on the elves. He was consultant to Peter Jackson for his three great films.

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