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Publication in France:
25 August 2016

360 pages

The Kindler of the Stars


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Evelyne, a blue-eyed blonde from the north of France, metamorphoses into Eva Stella, a brunette with smouldering eyes who sings at Modern Dancing, a retro ballroom in the far-flung hills of Brittany. It is here that her destiny becomes entwined with that of Roparz, a disenchanted young poet who dreams of being a writer but who carries within him the heavy burden of a mindless father and a nymphomaniac mother.

He writes songs to suit her blues voice and one of them, L'Allumeuse d'étoiles, is noticed by a cynical producer who will stop at nothing to succeed. He convinces the young pair to go up to the capital to achieve glory, but everything ultimately descends into crime and tragedy.

A variation on the myth of Pygmalion, L'Allumeuse d'étoiles is a three-voice elegy in which the destinies of three characters who are out of synch with their age intertwine and play out to their conclusion.
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"Mots ciselés, émotion, sens du noir et une chute inattendue. Un vrai régal."
Le Courrier Indépendant 18/11/2016