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Publication in France:
01 September 2016

176 pages

One Memorable Day in the Fall of Samuel Cramer


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~~On this particular morning, Samuel Cramer begins a day which he hopes will be truly memorable - in the evening he is invited to the awards ceremony for a celebrated literary prize for which he is shortlisted and which he can't help believing he might win. But there is a surprise in store for him at breakfast: his wife, his great love and his muse is leaving him. This is but the beginning of a bizarre and disastrous day...That protagonist is one Samuel Cramer, the Admiral and lover of both horizontal and vertical grand voyages, the writer who likes it when 'it's in your face', the chronicler of his age, his town and his contemporaries and a man who is both difficult and endearing.

And then there are his women: those he loves, those he hates and those he dreams of but who don't exist. And then there are his friends, his neighbours and his doses of poison: Michel Houellebecq, Sibelius, Rimbaud, Duras, Melville, Hölderlin, alcohol, boredom, hope and despair, provocation, shame, irony, banter and all the things he will never be able to say.

Agnès Michaux is a writer and translator with numerous books, essays and translations to her credit. Following on from Codex Botticelli (2015), Journée exceptionnelle du déclin de Samuel Cramer is her second novel to be published by Belfond.
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