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Publication in France:
01 September 2011

340 pages

I sought the one my heart loves

Dominique MARNY

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Two childhood friends have gone their separate ways in life but will eventually meet again for a passionate love story.

France, 1940. Two friends are separated by the war. Alexis, ten years old, promises he will always watch over Anne, who is nine, and secretly in love with him. By chance, they will meet fifteen years later, in Brussels, and yet again, in both Paris and San Francisco. But they have built separate lives: a happy marriage, children, a fulfilling job, teaching and writing for him; art galleries and exhibitions for her.
Yet they can not resist their feelings: San Francisco will finally be the start of their love affair...


Dominique Marny is a novelist and also writes for magazines. She has published many novels among other Mes nuits ne sont pas les vôtres (Presses de la Cité, 2005) and Il nous reste si peu de temps (Presses de la Cité, 2009) which are influenced by her passion for art, travel and history. Her books have been translated in seven languages : Blanvalet / Herbig / Goldmann (Germany), Europa - America (Portugal), Jiri Cerny (Czech Republic), Nationale Center of Translation (Egypt), PNBA (Bulgaria), Hwanni Books (Korea), Lietuvos Rasytoju Sajungos (Lithuania).

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« Ce roman a tous les ingrédients pour vous faire passer un magnifique moment de lecture et d'évasion. »

Myriam Berghe, Femmes d'aujourd'hui (Belgique)

« Eblouissant ! »

Entreprises magazine, Michel Nivoix