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Publication in France:
27 October 2016

304 pages


Nicolas DIGARD

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Frigiel, orphan since the mysterious disappearance of his parents, is raised by his grand-father in a small village in the Forest of Arden. As a teenager, he doesn't know much about the world. With his reckless and goofball but faithful dog, he's going to have adventures which will lead him to the Nether lands and to discover that magic, forbidden for a century, is always used.

First volume: The return of the Ender Dragon
The party is in full swing for the 80 years celebration of King Llud when a huge black dragon appears above the village. Before he's going to fight against the dragon, Ernald (Frigiel's grand-father) entrusts him a black safe (trunk) and make him promise never to open it and bring it to his friend Valmar, at Puaba. Involuntary member of this adventure, Frigiel hits the
road, ignoring he carries the one of the most searched object in the world, coveted by the terrible sorcerer Askar. Sorcerer who just escapes from the Farlands prison...
, with his 1,600,000 followers, is one of the most famous French youtuber.
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