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Publication in France:
07 October 2004

396 pages

Et tout me parle de vous

Dominique MARNY

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In modern-day Touraine, Ariane's career as a dancer is cut short following an accident. Having gained worldwide acclaim on stage, she leaves Paris to begin a new life as a choreographer, setting up her own troupe in Val de Loire. When she buys a beautiful new house by the Indre river, her path crosses that of Julien, a respected reporter. For reasons unknown to her, he also covets the place she has chosen as her home. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse between two people brought together by pure chance.
Ariane is determined to discover the past of this secretive and engaging man.


Dominique Marny is a novelist and has written for a number of magazines. While her earlier works were imbued with a distinctly exotic flavour, this latest book takes place in a region close to the author's heart, a place where she spent her childhood and teenage years.

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