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Publication in France:
28 April 2016

224 pages

What if I gave my intestines a rest?

Thomas UHL

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Industrially processed food, stress and a sedentary lifestyle: the infernal trio which contributes to the clogging of the intestines, provides a breeding ground for disease and saps vitality.

In this book, Thomas Ulh invites us to:

* Understand how our intestines function when we are eating or when we give them a rest
* Find out all we need to know about the three possible cures available for our intestines: plant detox, mono dieting and fasting.
* Ascertain our intestinal profile using a questionnaire designed by Thomas Uhl.
* Apply one of these three cures through from start to finish; according to our current profile.
* Extend the benefits of these three cures by using the fundamental principles of naturopathy, based on diet and lifestyle choices.
Thomas Uhl is a naturopath. In 2006 he set up the fasting centre La Pensée sauvage.
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