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Publication in France:
18 February 2016

240 pages

Sentenced to Silence


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During a party, Nicolas does the unthinkable - when a girl turns down his advances, he shoves her against a wall and a protruding nail pierces her neck, killing the teenager instantly. Nicolas happens to be the son of a government minister, and his father entrusts his right-hand man, Yvan, with the task of arranging matters by finding a fall guy.

The unemployed and downtrodden Dominique fits the bill - he agrees to take the fall for the crime in exchange for a cash sum and a holiday in a dream destination. Dominique and his chaperone Yvan spend several weeks at a farm belonging to Martine, and for the first time in his life Dominique starts to feel happy and useful.

But as the stay draws to an end, Dominique realises just how trapped he is. Is he really willing to spend several years in prison in place of Nicolas? Events may yet take an unexpected turn...
Born in 1981, Elodie Geffray is an engineer by profession. Et le silence sera ta peine is her first novel.
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