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Publication in France:
11 February 2016

512 pages

How to watch a football match?


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Keeping possession, catenaccio, counter-attacking, closing down... What are the main tactical options in football and how are they put into practice on the pitch? What are the pros and cons of the systems which are deployed? How have players' positions evolved? The aim is to make spectators aware of wait is happening in front of them and to appreciate things they may not notice without the help of analysis. It's not question of watching football in a different way, but of watching it in a more insightful way.

By including quotes, describing playing systems and actual game situations, and offering analyses of both recent matches and classics, the aim is not so much to reach conclusions as to provide readers - particularly the diehard fans - with the tools to take a stance on controversial issues, to offer an informed opinion on trends and traditions in the game, and to justify their own personal preferences in conversation. In other words, the authors never forget that the tactician remains first and foremost a football fan.
Raphaël Cosmidis, Gilles Juan, Christophe Kuchly and Julien Momont make up the ace Dé-Managers team and their blog, which is full of tactical analyses, can be found at www.cahiersdufootball.net.
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