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Publication in France:
02 October 2003

336 pages

Cap Malabata

Dominique MARNY

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Olivia takes possession of the "Villa Mauresque" (Moorish Villa) that looks out over the Strait of Gibraltar and Cape Malabata. Having worked as a paediatric nurse in France, she wants to continue taking care of children. Upon meeting Paul, a doctor trying to open a public clinic for Moroccans, her life is given a sense of purpose. Budding love with Paul, her friendship with Alicia, an American with a bad reputation, as well as her teamwork with Sam, a globe-trotting photographer, will help her uncover the secrets of her past ...

From Mediterranean coastlines to the grandeur of imperial cities, from the serenity of the orange groves to Berber encampments, from the liveliness of the medinas to the originality of the fortified cities, all of Morocco's lushness and vitality are found in this enchanting and passionate novel.

Rights sold:

Germany to Goldmann


Author of numerous works - novels, documents, essays and albums, Dominique Marny has published more than twenty novels, the latest of which is Jouez coeur et gagnez.

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