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Publication in France:
13 April 2017

900 pages

Antarctica - The Continent That Drove Men Mad

Dominique LE BRUN

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Greek geographers first conceived of the place over two thousand years ago - they called it the 'Counter-Earth', a mysterious land which supposedly counterbalanced the continental mass of the northern hemisphere. It disappeared during the Middle Ages, only to resurface when the first explorers to venture into the low southern latitudes in the 16th century claimed to have glimpsed an immense land mass.
From that moment on, adventurous spirits sought it relentlessly, even at the cost of their reason or their lives. Some spoke of an Eden as vast as America, and entire fortunes were swallowed up in the hope of colonising its blessed shores. In the process, Australia, Easter Island and barren archipelagos were discovered, all of which were associated with tales of drama and disappointment.
When Antarctica, a continent of ice and darkness, did finally loom into the sight of the ships, it did nothing to dissipate the dreams, or indeed the delirious nightmares, such as the notion that there was a subterranean Nazi base located beneath the Mühlig-Hofmann Mountains where Hitler was living out his days...
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