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Publication in France:
03 September 2015

224 pages

100 psychological tips for remedying those little faults which can make life hard going.


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I don't know how to say no", "I'm always running late", "I overreach myself", "I always choose the same type of partner", "I'm never happy", "I'm living in the past", "I spend too much", "I don't manage to achieve anything"...

We all have faults which irritate us, hold us back and, above all, waste an incredible amount of our energy! These little trifles make our lives hard going and, if truth be told, the lives of those around us too. How do we remedy these faults?

In partnership with Psychologies Magazine, 100 questions and answers about the little trials and tribulations of daily life, authored by their team of experts and with a preface from the renowned psychiatrist Christophe André.

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